Updates to Images

1 02 2010

I’ve spent the last part of last week and the weekend posting up some new photos to our new site (Free-3D-Textures)  I managed to get the people pages up, as well as the toys page.  There aren’t a lot of things yet on the toys page but since my husband is an avid toy collector (mostly hotwheels, corgi, buddyL, ertl and most types of collectible toys) there is no shortage of “boy toys” in this household. Since the largest number of them are currently in storage (awaiting the shelf-building project), it will take some time to get to them all, but I do have a small stock of images to process still, so there should soon be more on this page.

toys - collectible cars, beach pail, rubber duckies

Collectible Toys & Beach Toys

construction toys, teddy bears and rubber duckies

Collectible Construction Toys and Teddy Bears

Besides the toy page, most of the stock photo pages have been updated with some new photos – the food page has a couple of great shots of a birthday cake, a few more photos on the men’s people page including a fire chief. I didn’t keep track of all the updates, but I’m pretty sure we’re approaching the 500 image mark at this point. There’s also some nice winter images in the landscapes section.

some winter landscapes and sunsets

Winter Landscapes/Sunsets

For those of you who know how to make use of PNG files, there are a few new files in that section as well – a couple of empty shotgun shells, some furniture,  a savings bank in the shape of a rooster, silo, muffins, clock and a few other recent things that might be useful. And of course, I’m sure that most image users realize they can also resave png files as .jpg files, right?

Empty Shotgun Shells

Empty Shotgun Shells & a Corner Armoir

wall clock and rooster bank

Wall Clock & Rooster Bank

And, as is normal for our site, the textures are updated every week. This week, a few new red and black and blue and black ones in the abstract section, along with some new brick textures in the brick and tile section.

brick textures

Brick Textures

Oh, and for photoshop users, there’s a couple of new texture brushes in the Photoshop Brush Section. And yes…everything is still free!

Server Crashed!

26 07 2009

The one place where I’ve hosted some of the images has had a major crash. The most recent batches uploaded to this blog, as you can see below, are currently missing. Sorry folks. As soon as they’ve got the server loaded and running, those will be available again.

In the meantime, I’ve uploaded a couple of new ones here.

Birds-Foot Fern Wildflower

Birds-Foot Fern Wildflower

A discarded water bottle on the beach.

A discarded water bottle on the beach.

Match Sticks

Match Sticks

Vintage Sewing Basket

Vintage Sewing Basket

Canadian Bills in a Roll

Canadian Bills in a Roll

A Mix of Miscellany from the Past

1 07 2009

A batch of funky vintage hats – mens and ladies.

Two Hula Dancers - male and female

Two Hula Dancers - male and female

A couple of hula dancers – these knick-knacks were really popular during the 1950s and seem to be making a come-back.  This is the first time I’ve seen a male hula dancer, though.

Today’s kids learn to play digital games, but back when I was a kid, board games were all the rage, and they too appear to be making a come-back. This game (snakes and ladders) has been around from the victorian times, but young children still enjoy it.

This car probably needs no introduction – The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.

A vintage pottery jug – while it resembles the “little brown jug” , this one is quite large.  So large you certainly wouldn’t want to heft this on your shoulder to drink from.

Give them an inch and they’ll take a foot…or a bunch of feet. Here’s a mix of measuring tapes and rulers from a variety of time periods – from metal tape mesures, to plastic to a wooden yard stick.

Free Images for Tuesday May 20th

20 05 2008

Don’t forget to have a look through some of the older posts, or browse the uploaded by files by thumbnail using the Pages feature (see sidebar, bottom links). Also remember to read the licensing terms, which are fairly liberal.

If you’re looking for a specific image and you don’t see one here, feel free to contact me by mail, or leave a message in the comments. If I’ve got one, I’ll post it up and send you a note.

A black leather sofa on transparent background.

Contemporary black leather sofa on a transparent background (this is a png file so it retains it’s transparency.

Vintage timepieces.

Watch and clock – vintage timepieces.

Heart design, illustration

An illustration – heart with squared background.

Trumpeter swan

Trumpeter swan on lake.

Trumpeter swan on lake.

Mostly Stock – Thursday May 16th

16 05 2008

Wow – got a little behind here with posting up some new stuff. Sorry folks. Here’s a few more than usual today – mostly “stock” type images for business and editorial use – one nature photo.

If you haven’t already, please be sure to read the licensing terms – found on the FAQ. For those who have already, please read them again as there have been a couple of changes in the last week – don’t worry, they are still free. The changes mostly relate to commercial usage (and that’s still free too).

A black calculator with large buttons on white.

A Calculating Mind – calculator with large buttons.

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

Vintage fountain pens - one gray, one red; both with gold caps.

Old Fountain Pens

Three hold paper punch

Three hole paper punch.

A single puzzle piece on white background.

Puzzle piece.

Song of Songs or Song of Solomon

Song of Songs or Song of Solomon.

Pieces of baking candy.

Sweet Bits

Old style flatware pieces on white background.

Vintage Silverware.

Old style flatware with amber handles.

Vintage silverware 2 – same cutlery as above.

Yellow pencil with sharpened lead point.

Yellow Pencil

Ducks and Geese

Ducks and Geese