“Food” for Thought

29 06 2009

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A common spread of summer fare: coldcuts, ham, cheese, biscuits, bread, egg salad, tuna, pickles, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, carrots – healthy foods for a quick summer meal.

Yummy pumpkin pie – good for anytime of the year, but a clear reminder of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Goodness from the garden – carrots, onion, potato and tomato

Sweet and fresh – fruit is the healthy desert. Banana, pear, apple, grapes and melon varieties.

Snack time foods – bits of cereal and pretzels: spicy and salty.

The humble potato – healthy, nutritious and a true diet staple the world over.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day? In some cases, perhaps also the most harmful: fried bacon, french toast, breakfast home fries, and sweet pastries.

Cucumbers: garden fresh and refreshing.

Friday May 02, 2008 – Free stock photos

2 05 2008

Air Canada plane in flight

Airplane bearing the AirCanada logo.

Baseball Diamond

An empty baseball diamond.

Daylilies in bloom.

Burgundy daylilies with yellow centers.

Gas station with pump.

Gas station showing gaspump and paybooth.

Bicycle rider in a pink dawn.

Bicycle rider at dawn.

Brick tower covered with ivy with spring garden in front.

Ivy Tower and spring garden.

A man riding a personal watercraft.

Personal watercraft.