October 24th – Free Image Downloads

24 10 2008

Halloween is on it’s way…not far off now. Here’s a fun graphic you can use to greet visitors to your blog, or reduce in size and use as a temporary avatar.

Happy Hallowe'en

Happy Hallowe

A bit of spooky fun for your blogs or avatar use.

Here is a blank of the moon by itself to use in creating your own Hallowe’en graphic.

Orange Moon Blank

Orange Moon Blank

Use this as the background for your own Hallowe’en avatar, or as part of another image.

Canadian Maple Leaf Flag

Canadian Maple Leaf Flag

A canadian flag graphic with a twist – the red maple leaf in the center is composed of a lot of small red maple leaves.

Art Prints

Art Prints

Photo of two black and white art prints on white background. These are my own prints, so there is no copyright infringement in my have photographed the artwork.

Please remember, however, to check the terms of use so you don’t inadvertently infringe on my copyright.

Mixed Grapes, Underlit

Mixed Grapes, Underlit

A glass bowl of red, deep blue and green grapes. The bowl was placed on a light box to light it from below.

Red Berries, Blue Sky

Red Berries, Blue Sky

Red berries on tree branches against a very blue sky.

Grasses and Reeds

Grasses and Reeds

White pampass grass against a backdrop of green water reeds.

Free Stockphoto Update – Sunday June 8th, 2008

8 06 2008

Wow, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I updated this. I’ve been busy trying to move my home blog into a new wordpress blog. I really like the wordpress blogging platform (as opposed to windows live, which is where I previously hosted my personal blog), but the one blogging platform you can’t seem to import posts from is Windows Live (if you haven’t used windows live, don’t go there – it’s a terrible thing to use) so I’ve had to do it all by hand. The new blog, for anyone who wants to know how I live is here: Life in Orillia

Okay, on to the new images!

Bananas and oranges over white background.

Bananas and Oranges

Blue sky and white clouds.

Blue sky and white clouds – there’s lots of these available all over the net. I find them rather useful to fill in a sky area or to use as textures.

Dark coloured sunglasses on white background.

Dark Shades

A resting tabby cat.

My Life as a Cat – just because cat pics are so popular.

Talk is cheap - poster of yellow finch

Talk is Cheap (Poster)

A white rose on a gold reflective surface.

White Rose