FAQ & License Page

All images are protected by registered copyrights.

NOTE: Regardless of any bill passed by the Government of the United States of America with respect to “orphaned works” – all images produced and posted in this blog are NOT orphaned works, they are copyright images. Copyright laws of Canada are in force for all works produced by this author.

Q: Are they really free to use?

A: Yes, you may use these images freely in your blogs, magazine articles, educational or business presentations, school projects, websites, personal greeting cards, business cards, and in art projects.

Q: Why are they free?

A: For a couple of reasons – giving away free things is an accepted practice to advertise your work, and many bloggers and new start-up business have no budget for graphics. Free images can help everyone if they are used correctly. Secondly, every photographer has images that just don’t meet the size and/or quality requirements for selling – not if you want to keep your reputation for producing good work. Images I sell are a better quality at their largest sizes than those offered for free. Most of the time, free images are used on the web in blogs and articles, where smaller sizes of good quality images are all that is required.

Q: Are there any restrictions for the use of the pictures?

A: What you may not do is:

(a) redistribute these images on any other website (if your friends want to use them, simply direct them to this blog so they can select their own image); you may not include these images any collection for redistribution (such as on another website or on a CD);

(b) you may not claim copyright of these images, nor claim them as your own (all images ©J. Gracey Stinson);

(c) you may not sell these images on an “as is” basis. You may use them in art projects or compilations (derivatives) that you intend to sell,  but the image used may not be considered the main element of the finished work. The work must substantially change the free image.  Simply adding text to the image does not qualify, nor does adding a photoshop filter.

Q: What is required if I choose to use one of your free images?

A: Nothing much – you may not change the copyright information or IPTC data. If there is a place to do so and it will not impact on your final image, a link back to this blog or my website (Free-3D-Textures.com) would be appreciated. If placing a credit or link has a detrimental affect to your finished work, a small note in the information or description of the image would be fine. If a credit or link simply is not possible, just contact me and let me know. That’s all the requirements for photo use.

Q: What if I want to use one of these images as a business logo or website template for sale?

A: This would be considered a commercial use, and the images may be used if they fall under the requirements in (c) above. If they do not and you still wish to use them please contact me for commercial licensing, or visit one of my sales galleries to purchase licensed images.

If you are making a template for your own website, it does fall under section (c) above, if you run a website template business and want to use it as a salable template without making major changes to the image, it does not fall under (c).

If you are a commercial user, the requirements are the same, with an additional request – if you use these free images in commercial endeavours, I would appreciate it if you would at least visit my stock sales galleries; if the occasion rises where you need to purchase an image that would be nice too.

Check out My Shutterstock Gallery Here

BigStock Photos, Search and Download Now!

My Image Gallery at FeaturePics.com

And finally (this is important, so pay attention), the end user is responsible to ensure their use of the image does not contradict trademark licensing or copyrights for any image content. Images of people must have model releases for commercial use. Some images may require property releases for commercial.

Some images posted here may have model releases (for people) – please contact me if you require these.

All images contained on Photography of Grace – WordPress blog © J. Gracey Stinson, unless otherwise noted.

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15 04 2008
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