Long Past Due

24 03 2010

Chinese Style Victorian ChairI’m a little overdue for updating this site – sorry folks. Family issues keep intruding on my schedule. That happens when your family gets Dresser set in pinkolder. Currently trying to care for my last remaining aunt (whose in her 80s) who fell on Saturday night in her kitchen and couldn’t reach the phone. She lay there for 24 hours before we found her. We’re very grateful she was still alive, although she had a broken hip and has just come out of surgery safe and sound. Now the long road to recovery begins. Before she leaves the hospital (where I visit each day) I’ll have a little time, I think, but once she heads home I probably won’t be able to post anything new for a while. No internet access at her place, and the chances of me having to live there for a while could be pretty large.

When it comes to stuff like this, you just have to put family first – particularly since we are getting pretty short on older family members. Once she’s no longer with us, my generation will be the “oldies” of our family (shudder). I’m not sure I ever saw myself in that position before…

Anyway, in honor of my aunt, here are a few more photos from her place. There’s another chair – a chinese victorian chair in gold with an oriental patterned fabric in black – it sits rather prettily in her guest bedroom, as does the dresser set. It’s an english porcelain set with pink and raspberry designs. Also from the same room is this lamp which sits on the night table at the bedside. It’s a vintage lamp from the early 1950s in the shape of a victorian lady; here, the skirt and lampshade are made from the fabric of the bedspread and window coverings.Vintage Glass Lamp

From the top of the dresser comes this vintage glass lamp (1940s) with red glass shade a crystal drops. My grandmother got these lamps, one at a time, by collecting coupons from laundry detergent at some of the homes where she worked as a cleaner.  My grandmother raised her children mostly alone, and lost one at the age of 12. In a time when women with kids didn’t work outside the home she did many things to keep her family together – from cleaning homes of the wealthy, to taking in laundry, and sending her kids out to follow the coal truck to pick up any bits of coal that fell off so they could heat their home. Considering the age of these glass lamps, they must have been “prized” back then. Today, they are still in excellent condition with no chips or nicks in the glass, or crystals.

From her dining room, a chinoiserie-style pair of candlesticks – quite tall, but rather interesting with their gold, rose and pale blue designs.tall candlestick in pale blue, rose and gold

piggy banks with coinOther images uploaded in the last couple of weeks include some more landscapes, a couple of buildings, more piggy banks, a corded telephone, three vintage autos on white backgrounds, and other varieties of stock type images. And of course you can download whatever you like from any of the sections at Free-3D-Textures.com and use them on your blog or website, or most other purposes. Just read the (very liberal) use policy. Don’t forget to checkout the textures section, and the two new sections – one contains photo edges and photo frames, and the other has some free templates in .psd format for use in photoshop.

pretty easter egg with bowIn preparing for the upcoming Easter season, I’ve upload four easter eggs with designs – these are in black and white so you can colour them in photoshopcoloring page for kids with easter egg yourself, or print them off (they’ll print on an 8X10 sheet) for your kids to colour. And one completed graphic of a coloured easter egg with a nice big bow on top. If I have the time, I plan to upload coloured versions of the black and white eggs for use, and at least one bunny…but it will depend on how much time I’ve got before I get called to duty at my aunt’s place.

In the meantime, you are, of course, always welcome to trek through the site and grab what you need for your blogs.


400 Free Stock Photos…

22 01 2010

…or thereabouts. I’ve been working away at getting the new site set up and there’s enough stock up there to make it’s announcement worthwhile.

Free-3D-Textures.com went live back in November, but up until January 2010, I hadn’t been able to get the stock photo section live. Now it is.



The automated gallery system is still not operating, but I’ve gone ahead and begun manual uploads and categorization of the images on the site.

There’s a couple of more sections to add  but you can have a look at the current sections which include:

Animals & Nature – broken down into sections like Birds & Fowl; Field, Farm and Forest Animals, Pets, and Trees and Flowers.

Buildings and Architecture – broken down into sections for Homes & Condos, Industrial & Office, Barns and Sheds, Interiors.

Food & Drink – which currently doesn’t have that much stock so you’ll find it all on one larger page, but this will broken into sections as I get the stock images uploaded.

General – This is a larger section and it’s broken down into categories, and then subjections. General Misc. (stuff I didn’t know where to put), Jewelry & Bling, Transportation, Books & Newspapers.

Holidays & Events – broken down into Christmas & New Year, Valentine’s Day, Celebrations ( this section will include stuff like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other events). Once I have the remaining sections set up, there will also be sections for Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween and other yearly holidays.


Industry, Office, Business & Finance – pretty much what it says, industry & career type stuff, office supplies and equipment, money and finances.


Landscapes – currently broken into two sections; Winter and Spring, and Summer and Autumn. That’s just so I can get some stuff up quickly. Later each one will be broken into a single season. I still have hundreds of files to go through and upload, but for now they’re paired with a partner season.

The last two sections – People and Toys, should be up with some stock in them by early next week.


On the new site you’ll also find divisions for free Graphics, PNG files and a very large number of free textures and backgrounds, along with a few free photoshop brushes (mostly of textures) and a number of photoshop tutorials. Since the site was designed to be a “one-stop shop” for imaging and graphics it should make it a lot easier for you to access and find the things you want, all in one place.


This new site combines three of my blogs (this one, a texture one and a photography one) into one larger .com site, so hopefully, you’ll find something you like!

November 13th – A Different Freebie

13 11 2008

I’ve spent a fair bit of time working up this map – the download file is a layered tif file with transparent background. Each province is on a separate layer for easier use, and each text name is on a different layer. The text is basic arial font, making compatibility with other systems more likely. This file may be used for educational, editorial or non-profit projects only. The download file is 4000 pixels X 3000 pixels.


The next is a much smaller image, more suitable to web use and is more illustration than photo. The download  size is 900 X 540 pixels.


The balance for today:

Christmas Story – download size 2000 X 1490 pixels


Winter Snowstorm – download size 1300 X 1100 pixels


Wrong Bus – download size 1200 X 900

Technorati Tags: map,canada,provinces,education,geography,train,railway cars,dining,restaurant,illustration,bible,versus,text,christmas,winter,trees,icy,branches,snowing,snowstorm,bus,transporation,fields,Toronto,free,downloads,gracey

Free Stockphoto Update – Sunday June 8th, 2008

8 06 2008

Wow, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I updated this. I’ve been busy trying to move my home blog into a new wordpress blog. I really like the wordpress blogging platform (as opposed to windows live, which is where I previously hosted my personal blog), but the one blogging platform you can’t seem to import posts from is Windows Live (if you haven’t used windows live, don’t go there – it’s a terrible thing to use) so I’ve had to do it all by hand. The new blog, for anyone who wants to know how I live is here: Life in Orillia

Okay, on to the new images!

Bananas and oranges over white background.

Bananas and Oranges

Blue sky and white clouds.

Blue sky and white clouds – there’s lots of these available all over the net. I find them rather useful to fill in a sky area or to use as textures.

Dark coloured sunglasses on white background.

Dark Shades

A resting tabby cat.

My Life as a Cat – just because cat pics are so popular.

Talk is cheap - poster of yellow finch

Talk is Cheap (Poster)

A white rose on a gold reflective surface.

White Rose

Free Stock – Friday May 30th

30 05 2008

A red door with beveled glass insert surrounded by Georgian style framing.

A Red Door

A city office building constructed of blue colored mirror glass.

Blue Mirrored Office

A blue sign with a white bulls-eye

Blue Bullseye sign

Modern Condominiums - architecture

Condominium Building

Push pins or tacks with coloured heads, lined up in a triangular formation.

Push Pins

A clear plastic shoebox with a variety of sewing supplies.

Sewing Supplies

Three separate images of autumn leafs blended together to create a texture or background.

Orange Leaf – NOTE – this is a blended image created for use as textures or backgrounds. If you require a larger size please visit Free Textures By Gracey to download the larger version.

Free Images for Tuesday May 20th

20 05 2008

Don’t forget to have a look through some of the older posts, or browse the uploaded by files by thumbnail using the Pages feature (see sidebar, bottom links). Also remember to read the licensing terms, which are fairly liberal.

If you’re looking for a specific image and you don’t see one here, feel free to contact me by mail, or leave a message in the comments. If I’ve got one, I’ll post it up and send you a note.

A black leather sofa on transparent background.

Contemporary black leather sofa on a transparent background (this is a png file so it retains it’s transparency.

Vintage timepieces.

Watch and clock – vintage timepieces.

Heart design, illustration

An illustration – heart with squared background.

Trumpeter swan

Trumpeter swan on lake.

Trumpeter swan on lake.

Free Stuff for Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15 04 2008

Don’t forget to check the licensing & terms of use.

Bulk Fuel Tanks – Industrial

Erasers – Business & Education

Flight Over Storm – 3D render, illustration

Flight Over Storm

Scout Valley Quarry – landscape, nature, environment

Pampass Grass – plants, nature, gardening