Saying Goodbye…Sort of

11 10 2010

The time has come to say goodbye – oh, don’t worry, the blog will still be here, but I won’t be updating it any longer. Over the last couple of months I’ve had to sit down and re-assess where I’m going and what I’m doing, and how much time I spend doing it. Currently I maintain something like 15 blogs and three websites, and I simply no longer have the time to keep up with them all, so I’ve decided to stop updating some of the ones that have similar contents, like this one.

I’ve had a blog on Blogger for some time that also has free stock photos, and I’ve decided to (gasp) keep that one and update it more often. The reason is simple…Blogger offers me more functionality in being able to edit the blog design, and in search functions, and uses Picasa Web Albums to store the photos when I need to. WordPress offers not so much in the way of being able to edit the template unless you pay for it (and I haven’t been all that pleased with the new templates and sorely miss the Cutline one), and the storage facilities aren’t as good. Blogger also allows me to purchase a domain name and set it up for meager fee – $10 a year. WordPress allows you to set up a domain, but it costs more money, and you pay for the mapping.

Blogger also allows me to place ads – and although that isn’t the only reason I chose to stick with the Blogger blog, it was the icing on the cake.  I can use affiliate links to my stock sites where I sell my commercial images, and if I want, I can use AdSense or other ads. Even if I only come up with $100  a year in advertising earnings (you need that much to get paid with AdSense, but less with other advertisers) it will pay for the cost of domain name registrations each year, and perhaps upgrading the storage amount if I run out.

Not that I intend to place a big pile of ads on my site – there’s nothing worse than a site loaded with so many ads you can’t find the contents. But even one unobtrusive text link unit will be helpful.

I have no problems with providing free content to people – if you don’t like the ad, turn on an adblocker when you visit – that isn’t going to bother me much. If I can pay for the upcoming domain name (haven’t bought that yet, but will…very soon) then I’m happy with that.

Gracey's Free Stock Photos

So, for any of you who’ve been using images from this blog, you’ll find them all ported over to Gracey’s Free Stock Photos. It’s a simple place – no dancing, blinking, bouncing ads, no fancy gewgaws, much like this place here.

If you aren’t happy with that, you can still get full size images over on, and always will be able to. So, wordpress fans, it’s bee a slice, but this girl’s cake is just gettin’ too tired to frost anymore. Thanks for everything guys – happy blogging, wherever you go.



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