Anyone Using PNG Files?

26 02 2010

This week’s update is more about .png files than normal stock files, but anyone familiar with this file format will know that these can be used in place of a .jpg file. These files are saved with transparent backgrounds making it a lot easier to put it on any background you like.

There is a set of 4 images of a yellow teapot, with three taken from different angles and one without the lid.  I started doing the same item from different views a while back when I discovered some of my files being used in “hidden object” games. While I thought that was pretty cool, I quickly realized they use the same file throughout the entire game, making it easy to find in other rooms. That got me thinking that the same object from different viewpoints might be useful since they could still use the same terms “yellow teapot”, for instance, but make it a little harder to recognize immediately.

All the new files can be found on page 4 of the Free PNG Section over at

Selection of New PNG Files at

Statue of a moose painted white with a red maple leaf.There is one lonely little image file that I added this week – an older one I ran across in one of my folders. Most Canadians are probably aware the the Moose is often considered to be one of the north’s popular animals – particularly during hunting season. Well, this poor old fellow is pretty safe from hunters – at least the kind with guns. This guy is perched at the edge of a lakeside property just at the water and he sports Canada’s colours – white with a red maple leaf.

Anyone interested in texture and background files can visit the Textures Section to have a look at the new releases this week.



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