Another Week with Lots of Variety

8 02 2010

Piggy bank with a trail of coins.This past week has been a busy one – looking over some of the older images, preparing some newer ones and generally “taking care of business” is it were. Constant updating and image shooting and preparation seems to take most of my week, and weekends. It doesn’t take long to feel as though you are getting behind if you happen to take a day, or even half a day off.

Some of the new photo files available on Free 3D Textures this week include a little bit of everything, Woman's Silhouette In Windowfrom food to people and a lot of things in between. I ran across this photo of my daughter sitting in the window between portrait shots – a quick shot while she was looking out into the sunny day left the room in blackness with her silhouetted against the window. I don’t know why I didn’t process it before – I really like the feeling it emits. And then there’s a number of new shots of newspapers – I don’t know why, but the newspaper images are very popular, so I decided to add some new headlines to the collection…and speaking of collections, there’s a few new bits and pieces in the toy section – a child’s peddle car styled like an old Ford Model A (or maybe it’s a Model T, I’m not very good with cars), some vintage toys and teddies and a really cute playground dune buggy created from some scrap metal piples and recycled tires (for all the handyman dad’s out there). And for the big boys (and girls) in the transportation category is a restored 1966 Ford Mustang (must be Ford week).

In total there are 30 new image files in the free stock photo section, so have a look around at the various categories – most have something new since the last update.

There’s a couple of new files in the graphics section, and 10 new files in the PNG section – three different tomato images, some opened mail, a plate of orange slices, some vintage gloves and a few other things. If you are into textures or backgrounds there are 15 new files in the texture section, too.

Blue Willow ChinaOne of my favourite images is this photo of a collection of vintage, antique and modern (mostly old stuff though) blue willow china. It’s displayed in an old kitchen cupboard – this piece is two individual pieces “married” to make one. The bottom half was an old jelly cupboard (circa 1850) and the top is a section from an old bake table. Although the focus of the photo is the china, I think part of it’s effectiveness is due to the cabinet it’s displayed in. While the photo itself isn’t the best quality (old camera with not much pixel depth) it remains one my favorites – there’s something about the way the china looks against the warm honey color of the cabinet and the background of old brick that is attractive.

Samples of some of the files:




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