Free Stockphoto Update – Sunday June 8th, 2008

8 06 2008

Wow, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I updated this. I’ve been busy trying to move my home blog into a new wordpress blog. I really like the wordpress blogging platform (as opposed to windows live, which is where I previously hosted my personal blog), but the one blogging platform you can’t seem to import posts from is Windows Live (if you haven’t used windows live, don’t go there – it’s a terrible thing to use) so I’ve had to do it all by hand. The new blog, for anyone who wants to know how I live is here: Life in Orillia

Okay, on to the new images!

Bananas and oranges over white background.

Bananas and Oranges

Blue sky and white clouds.

Blue sky and white clouds – there’s lots of these available all over the net. I find them rather useful to fill in a sky area or to use as textures.

Dark coloured sunglasses on white background.

Dark Shades

A resting tabby cat.

My Life as a Cat – just because cat pics are so popular.

Talk is cheap - poster of yellow finch

Talk is Cheap (Poster)

A white rose on a gold reflective surface.

White Rose




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